Nextorch P10 Right Angle Flashlight | 1400 Lumens

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  • Max output of 1400 lumens.
  • Three light sources; white, red and blue.
  • 8 lighting modes to choose from.
  • Dual tactical switches to switch on, and change between modes. 
  • Right-angle, compact size with clip


Three Modes:
Different conditions require measures, the P10 has 3 lighting colours to choose from, white LED, blue LED and red LED. Red and Blue can be used together, to increase awareness for emergency services. 

Right Angle Structure offers Multifunctional Experience
A stainless steel clip is included to attached onto MOLLE, pocket, backpack webbing. This makes the product hands-free. 

Low Battery Indicator 
When the power reaches under 20% a white light flashes 3x times. When the power reaches under 10%, a white light flashes 6x times

Rechargeable 18650, USB direct charge (2600mAh)
A runtime of 3.5 hours on high brightness, and a runtime of 55 hours on low brightness

Waterproof & Impact Resistance
IPX8 (2m) water resistance and 2m impact resistance. The P10 has been tested on both specifications, and is a reliable companion for your journey.