Police & Security Law Enforcement rechargeable torch

Top Gun MKV "In Vehicle" Rechargeable Torch

The Top Gun Torch MKV is standard issue in all Victoria Police Vehicles. It features an easy drop in charging cradle which is situated inside all Victoria Police vehicles. Over 4000 torches have been sold to the Victoria Police, Western Australia Police and Australia Federal Police. Its superior battery lifetime can run up to 6  hours on full continuous brightness. Combined with its easy drop in charging cradle and police traffic wands, The Top Gun MKV is perfect for all law enforcement 


Melbourne Family Operated Business

Top Gun Torches is a family operated business controlled by Melbourne based company Pacer Power, located in Croydon South, Victoria. Pacer Power have been importing from overseas factories for over 15 years and consequently have an extensive knowledge of Australian electrical regulations, technological advancements and ethical business practices. Pacer Power control the manufacturing of all Top Gun Torch branded products and are heavily involved in their product design and development, component sourcing and ethical production. Our in depth involvement in the manufacturing process of Top Gun Torches, ensures we are able to control and maintain an ethical and high quality standard of manufacturing.