Law Enforcement


Top Gun MKV (In Car Rechargeable Torch) 

Finding the right torch can be difficult at times, especially if you're unsure on what the best specifications are for the job. For law enforcement, sometimes the brightest torch is not always the best, run-time plays a rather important role for police officers. At Top Gun we recommend choosing a torch that has a superior battery lifetime that will assist in patrol and RBT set ups. The Top Gun MKV we believe is the best suited torch for Police Officers, its   in-car charging cradle makes it easy to store and charge, with a suitable brightness and long lasting battery. Its hard shell ensures significant protection, which prevents damaged parts if dropped. This torch is standard issue for Victoria Police, and has been for fours years. 

                                        Topgun MKV recommended


Olight M20SX-Javelot (personal issue)
For personal use, we recommend the Olight M20SX-Javelot. From our experience it is the preferred torch from the olight range due to its compact size and immense illumination. With over 800 Lumens and 370 metres of visibility, the M20SX will light up everything in its path. Its best feature is its reliability and two switch function. Our confidence in the M20SX is so, that we offer a 5 year warranty for any issues.
M20SX Javelot recommended